Creativity isn't as far reaching as you might first imagine 
Find the right words and then discover the best way to say them
Bonus content 
Extra lectures, streams and tricks. Just have fun exploring! 
Bizarre Magic
Spooky magic for those with a darker disposition
Prop Building
Grab your toolbox and learn how to bring your imagination to life
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Spread some Christmas magic
They call it show 'business' for a reason! Let's get you sold!
Stage Magic
All the world is a stage so let us get you prepared
Virtual Magic
Let's explore this exciting new way to connect to our audience
Everything you need to know about getting them and keeping them
Recycling Magic
We all have that draw of tricks we don't use. Let's find new ways to use them
The Creators
I got hold of some of my friends in magic and asked them for some of their thoughts
Learn the basics of how to use different software to design your props and promotional material


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